The INSTALL training ACADEMY offers a complete range of courses for many survey variants. Ground courses are conducted using traditional instructor led classroom training methods, making full use of state-of-the-art training technologies and teaching methodologies.

INSTALL ACADEMY has considerable experience training personnel from a variety of backgrounds and with different entry level qualifications to successfully operate in offshore survey. Our goal is to have all elements of the company working together in a cohesive and effective way to support all our customers.

INSTALL ACADEMY level 3 training courses respond to a need for graduates to study certain survey subjects in greater depth, as well as serving as refresher or requalification courses for chose already employed. Courses last a maximum of one month and are accessible to university graduates and professionals.

Trough strategic alliance with leading offshore suppliers companies, Universities and AISEPS (International Association for Economic Development, Scientific Research, Innovation Technology and Welfare), the combined INSTALL training system and its partners bring best –in-class competencies.