Geophysical Survey

INSTALL offers a full range of geophysical services from basic bathymetric surveys to fully integrated geoscience solutions. The company is equipped to meet of its clients, deploying innovative technology to provide the most appropriate and cost effects solutions in the offshore environment.

Integration of the latest technologies and techniques allows the company to offer customers a complete survey solution even in the most complex scenarios:

Single Beam Echosuonder Survey – Bathymetric Survey usually suitable for very shallow water area, a/o inside harbour areas

Multi Beam Echosounders Survey – Detailed Bathymetric Survey

Side Scan Sonar Survey – Seabed Features Survey, Seabed Acoustic Inspection, Target Inspection, Geomorphological Survey, Very Detailed Seabed Survey

Magnetomer – Magnetometric Survey, Metallic Debris Reconnaissance Survey, Gradiometer Survey

Sub Bottom Profiler – Seabed Seimic High Resolution Profile, Seismic Buried Object Detection, Buried Pipeline Survey and Identification, Pre Mining/Pre- Dredging Seismic Survey

Sparker – High Penetration Seismic Profile

Coring – Core Sampling and Stratigraphic/Sedimentological Logs

Cone Penetration Test