Observatory on Economy of the Sea is born, towards a blue economy

The International Observatory for the Economy of the Sea was born in Naples, an initiative promoted by INSTALL and the International Association for the Development of Economics, Technology, Research and Social Policies (AISEPS). The project is an open protocol was created with the aim of developing research, as a real specialized center, on opportunities offered by the sea, the largest free resource available.

Among the signatories of agreement together with INSTALL and AISEPS, there are eCampus University, Marevivo Association, Confartigianato Imprese Napoli, Modavi Protezione Civile, Fiart Cantieri Navali, Ampioraggio Foundation, international association “Sportello Amico”.

Gennaro Illiano, CEO INSTALL: “We are firmly convinced we can seriously invest in research and development for economy of the sea. We consider “blue economy” an opportunity for development with an undefined potential for international economy. We are ready to develop new opportunities for spreading work and wealth.”

Press review:
The newspaper “Il Mattino”