INSTALL SRL at Sonardyne Training Center


Staff from INSTALL SRL from Italy have completed the Sonardyne Fusion 6G LBL and Metrology course that took place at Sonardyne Training Centre in Plymouth, UK. INSTALL was represented by managing, data processing and survey engineering personnel in order that they would all gain the same knowledge and be able to use the LBL methodology to plan and conduct LBL acoustic positioning activities. Part of the course was focused on subsea metrology technics applied to LBL acoustics positioning.

Sonardyne Fusion 6G is a widely used, popular LBL acoustic positioning system, providing the most accurate method for installing subsea structures, tracking ROVs and conducting acoustic metrology.

In order to develop and reinforce knowledge and training with Fusion 6G LBL, INSTALL SRL has already planned a workshop at the INSTALL marine base where all the internal employers will practice with Fusion 6G system, using a real array deployed on sea. A structured positioning will be simulated and the acoustics metrology of two flanges will be performed. With the accomplishment of this workshop, INSTALL SRL’s goal is to have an added value in LBL acoustics positioning services and acoustics metrology support.