The Mediterranean as a development crossroads: this is the main theme of MOC 2016. April 19 to 21 Install attended MOC, 8th Mediterranean Offshore Conference & Exhibition, held in Egypt.

Organized by the Egyptian Petroleum Sector in partnership with IES International Exhibition Services, MOC is the sister event to the Offshore Mediterranean Conference (OMC). The Mediterranean Offshore Conference (MOC) has become one of the most important international meetings focusing on the oil, gas and energy issues targeting Mediterranean countries.

Install participated in the event by presenting its technological and organizational offer for surveys of the seabed. With experience pioneering international, INSTALL has earned the attention of many players attending the event.

“We are very pleased with this participation in the MOC – says Gennaro Illiano, CEO INSTALL – We had another very productive comparison with companies operating at the highest level in international markets, confirming our benchmark role of both technological, organizational and strategic. The Egyptian government programs are very interesting and can certainly contribute to the development of the economy of the sea in the Mediterranean ”

Securing the local energy needs with reasonable prices to feed in a sustainable manner the economic development is the aim of MOC, founded in 2016. Priorities of the Egyptian government is meeting the demand for domestic energy, increasing the use of national natural resources, improving the efficiency of the national energy sector. To achieve these ambitious goals requires competence and experience of international groups, such as INSTALL, able to carry out an innovative monitoring resources on the seabed and at the same time to solve problems that can arise in the technical operations of identification and utilization of energy resources.

INSTALL, thanks to an approach based on skills and experience of integrated information technology, electronics, geodesy and cartography, has established at the Mediterrean Offshore Conference as a leading company in technical support for placement of structures, submarine cables and for all matters concerning the environmental monitoring of waters.