INSTALL First Go Kart Tournament “Aurelio Cocchia”

INSTALL First Go Kart Tournament “Aurelio Cocchia”:

Rome, 20th june 2016, at the motor racing circuit Artena Valmontone was held the First Go kart Tournament “Aurelio Cocchia” where marine surveyors have ventured into a kart race last overtaking.

The sporting event was created with the purpose of sharing knowledge and comparison moments between all professionals in the INSTALL in an atmosphere of relaxation and conviviality. An important moment that concerns the development of a strong interaction between all the guys in the logic of international team building.

According Gennaro Illiano, CEO INSTALL “This event is dedicated to our great friend and colleague Aurelio Cocchia, a champion of interpersonal relationship in a profession such as Marine Surveyor where the unity of spirit of team members is a priority. I am very satisfied with this first event we have carried out with the support of the magazine New initiateves will follow in the coming months.”

“It ‘s always the man at the center of each winning business project”