Fashion dresses Peace 2016: INSTALL supports international role of Women

Fashion dresses Peace 2016
“Women are ideal spokesman for development and well-being”, said Gennaro Illiano CEO INSTALL sponsor of the event “Fashion dresses Peace – World Congress of Women of Fashion and Design” held on June 30th in Monte di Procida and organized by “African Fashion Gate”.

An annual event with the goal of identifying new formulas and initiatives to be undertaken in favor of peace and equality in the world through the instrument Fashion and its main protagonists: Women.

Main topic of event is “Equal opportunities skin color on the runway.”

The purpose of the Congress is to raise awareness of the issues under discussion, to encourage the interrelationships between categories, nations, cultures and religions.

Illiano CEO INSTALL “We want to support initiatives that promote equal rights and opportunities. We believe in a society that draws strength from its human and professional resources”

The event was attended by ambassadors, politicians and business men of African Countries.

INSTALL presented its services and reached agreements with countries involved concerning staff training and skills development with INSTALL project ACADEMY.